Kohlhaas & Kohlhaas We’re designing for screen and paper, programming web sites, developing concepts and processes.

Kohlhaas & Kohlhaas is providing design services for screen and paper. We are programming web sites and web apps, and we are setting printed matter.

Our office is located in Weimar, Germany. We are delivering since 1998.

Birgit / Marko
office impression with Birgit and Marko

Martin Kohlhaas is always full of ideas for new projects. He’s looking at the big picture and does the project managment. His interests are content management, user interfaces, and information architecture.

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Birgit Kohlhaas develops web site templates and is our CSS guru. She creates and draws infographics and develops teaching materials. Language and typography are her favourite subjects

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Our work includes analysis, conception, creation, and production for both print and web. Our experiences in both worlds allowing cross media solutions.

  • consulting, analysis, conception, project managment
  • web design, and programming
    • web sites, blogs, shops, micro sites, landing pages etc.
    • browser based applications
    • CMS installation, system maintenance
    • dynamic graphics (infographic, and data visualisation)
  • graphics design and print production
    • corporate design
    • stationary, forms, documents, cataloques, brochures, flyers, posters, etc.
    • infographics and illustration
  • as well as
    • editing
    • photography concepts
    • coaching

how we work / attitude

Good results coming from good collaboration. Collaboration needs open minds and trust. If you’re looking for project partner instead of a simple contractor you’re welcome.

Bring your problems and ideas. Let’s find a project definition, define goals and priorities and get to work on the best solution. Working with agile strategies we asure your project will lauch a.s.a.p.

Desing is intervention. We try to learn about your business as much as we can to understand your processes. Design is not decoration.


It’s your project so we need you to be part of the team and process.

If you want to run a web site you should become a professional web site provider. You need to get familiar with the CMS with text and image editing, you have to understand your visitor statistics. It’s the same with printed matter: to make the right decisions you need knowledge about the printing process, colors, paper and the like.

We are helping with our knowlegde and years of professional experience.


You want to place your project with us? For any further questions about our work please get in contact with us.


Kohlhaas & Kohlhaas
Birgit Kohlhaas / Martin Kohlhaas

Am Kirschberg 10
99423 Weimar / Germany

phone +49 3643 902521